Green Computing

Study group of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes in Leysin.

Compendium Coming

03 November 2016

The compendium that includes all papers with their authors and contact information is nearly finished. Right now we are refining the design and usability. Furthermore, we also want to include the tutorials that are available (and living) in the GitHub organization.

A great appreciation goes to all authors who dedicate a part of their rare spare time to work on this. In this category I want to stress my gratitude to the authors of the Arduino (i.e., distance detection with an ultrasonic sensor) and the NodeMCU (a.k.a. the only weather station that knows how to measure parties) tutorial. Thanks guys!

An email will be sent once the compendium is finished. The compendium can then be downloaded via the Dropbox link that everyone should have received.

Regarding an “after Leysin” meeting: We will start the organization for this event in January or February the latest. We will then make another survey to determine the best weekend (and location) for this. Stay tuned!