Green Computing

Study group of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes in Leysin.


27 August 2016

Two beautiful weeks have passed. I think its fair to say that we have been quite lucky with the weather conditions and that our journey to CERN was possible on such short notice. Personally, I want to thank all participants. The presented content, showed enthusiasm, and friendlyness is a great example of what the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes stands for.

The magnificant Dr. Klaus B├Ątzner from CERN will also stay very positively in our memory. He was truly inspirational. Thanks again to all the people at CERN for their commitment and flexibility.

In the upcoming weeks we will try to produce a compendium with the presented material. Furthermore, we would like to offer all participants full read (and write) access to supplemental material, e.g., the pictures and source codes of the created projects.

Finally, we encourage everyone to contact us if any questions or potential projects pop up. We are always interested in an exchange of knowledge.