Green Computing

Study group of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes in Leysin.

All on Board

13 August 2016

Tomorrow we will come together in the beautiful swiss mountain area of Leysin. Thanks to everyone for uploading the preliminary versions of your talks. What we have seen so far looks quite good. We are positive that this will be the experience you have all hoped to enjoy this summer.

For the schedule we have organized 8 full days, which alternate between 3 talks per day and 2 talks per day. The two missing days will be initial day (only one talk will be given here) and a flexible free day. Currently, we planned to have this day on the Tuesday of the second week. We will see how the weather looks like and which day you guys prefer.

If any urgent question pops up (either tonight or before Monday) then don’t hesitate to write us a mail. We should be reachable most of the time.

We hope to give you an interesting and pleasant time during your group studies! See you tomorrow…