Green Computing

Study group of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes in Leysin.

Topics Assigned

11 July 2016

In the morning we sent a personalized e-mail that carries the topic assignment. The sender reads “AG 4”, but of course “AG 2” was meant. If you haven’t received this mail (please be sure to check your junk mail folder first) then contact us as soon as possible. In any case the following points should be emphasized again:

  • The questions do not constitute the layout of the talk! Questions are not ordered and the talk should not be structured such that it just answers one question after the other. We only want that in the end, most of the questions are answered. How and when you do this is up to you.
  • Some questions leave a lot of room for interpretation and do not state clearly what we actually want to see in the talk. Contact us!
  • Many talks build on each other and there is potentially a significant overlap between them. Since the topics are not super specific, we want you to talk to each other and figure out who is going to cover what! So you have to look at the other topics and talk to everyone where you see a potential overlap (we will help you to establish the contact)!
  • We are happy to go through your slides and report in advance and give feedback anytime if you want to.

In the end the topic selection resulted in the following histogram (note: we did not weight by preference).

Topic Histogram

It seems that the different cooling methods have been quite a hot topic (pun intended). Unfortunately, some topics have been left aside. We tried to push you guys into them, but the response was less enthusiastic than anticipated. Nevertheless, we hope that everyone will learn one or the other thing and enjoy the assigned topic.