Green Computing

Study group of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes in Leysin.

Topic List Released

28 June 2016

Tonight all participants should have received the second e-mail containing the link to the “Topic Selection Questionnaire”. This survey is not anonymized and will be taken to assign topics. Please have it filled out by the 7th of July. Our plan is to announce the topic selection in form of personal e-mails on the 10th of July. We don’t want to publish the link for the topic selection form. If you did not receive an e-mail, please contact us directly via e-mail.

The complete list of available topics can be found here. The given list of references may not be complete yet. The questions should be considered as guidelines for the talk. Besides the mentioned questions everyone is free to choose whatever seems of interest. It should be mentioned that the questions are not placed in order, i.e., one should not take them as an agenda or structure the talk’s agenda based on the order of questions.

Some questions leave a lot of room for interpretation and do not state clearly what we actually want to see in the talk. Participants who feel that this is the case for his or her topic should definitely contact us to get more information!

Finally, we should again emphasize that nothing is carved in stone yet. If you feel that an important topic (which you want to cover) is not listed yet then contact us incl. a catalog of questions and references. This gives us everything to make a sensible decision if we consider the proposed talk or not.